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Protective relays must be designed into power system networks such that they isolate the defective component of the network, preventing equipment damage and operator harm while assuring minimal system disturbance and allowing service to the healthy portion of the network to continue.

Relay coordination is used to identify and resolve problems. These relays must be able to tell the difference between regular operating currents and short-term overcurrents induced by normal equipment operation, such as motor starting currents and transformer inrush currents, as well as sustained overcurrent caused by fault circumstances. Power system relaying and overcurrent prevention are interdependent and contribute to the smooth operation of the plant. As part of research on protection coordination or protective device coordination, protection relay settings, as well as power system protection and switchgear, such as MCBs, Fuse, ACBs, VCBs, and so on, will be calculated.

A relay coordination research and analysis is undertaken to guarantee that the system’s safety activities are functioning effectively and to avoid nuisance tripping, as protection is a key concern in any sector and they rely on protective devices for the same. The alteration of protection devices and their settings during maintenance without proper investigation and analysis is the cause of nuisance tripping.

What is the procedure for performing Relay Coordination Study Services?

Computers are used in the majority of Relay Coordination Study Services, research, and analysis. For power system protection coordination analysis, there are numerous computer programmes available. Protective coordination software generates one-line diagrams, relay setting calculations, and time-current coordination drawings as its principal function. Modelling numerous protective devices and equipment damage curves will be included in the software, as well as data storage for future usage. Device characteristics can be downloaded from the library and used in software for coordination investigations.

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Desktop or Microcomputers: A stand-alone or network-connected computer with sufficient RAM is required for this type of application. A good graphic monitor and a high-quality laser printer are also required. 

Curves of Characteristics and Graphical Representation: The one-line diagram of the electrical circuit and the device coordination curves can be displayed on the graphical monitor for demonstration purposes.

Single-line diagrams: A one-line diagram of the electrical circuit for which coordination is performed is always necessary for report creation.

Project’s data file: A database is a sort of data storage system that stores digital information. All of the required device attributes, short circuit data, and coordination data can be stored in the database. 

Short-circuit Investigation: Obtain or execute a thorough short-circuit investigation that includes momentary and interrupting ratings. It also needs inputs from all short-circuit current sources, as well as the maximum and lowest fault interrupting tasks expected.

Data repository: These programmes come with a vast data bank from a number of different vendors. Overcurrent relays, ground relays, static trip breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, cable damage curves, transformer damage curves, motor overloads, and reclosers are all included in the library.

Engaging Data Entry: It’s not always possible to use data from the device library for the study you’ve chosen. The data can be entered interactively if the data is not available but the equation or graphical data.

Scale Selection of the current: The ultimate purpose of the study is to map out the effects of short-circuiting overcurrent protection equipment on a 4-by-4-cycle graph. The curve of the device closest to the load is plotted as far to the left as possible, to avoid packing the source side curves too close together.

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Coordination at a Glance: In order to accomplish selective coordination, the time-current characteristic curves of protective devices should not overlap, and the transformer’s primary device should not trip on inrush.

Some of the advantages of using Relay Coordination Study Services:

According to electrical safety standards and regulations, relay coordination study services are critical for protecting downstream and upstream breakers and preventing circuit breaker problems. This coordination study is necessary in order to reduce power system faults and successfully isolate defects in a sequential manner.

Relay coordination studies are employed in any distribution system to isolate faults in the protective system quickly, minimising damage to the distribution system. The protective study’s main goal is to protect the power system’s upstream protective devices.

The working speed of the protection is affected by the protection principle adopted, which has a substantial impact on the harm caused by short circuits. The less the risks, damage, and heat stress that occur from the protection, the better. Furthermore, the shorter the duration of the voltage dip induced by the short circuit defect, the faster the protection acts.

As a result, Undervoltage will have a smaller influence on other network components. The protection’s fast functioning also minimises post-fault load peaks, making the disturbance more likely to spread when accompanied by a voltage drop.

We offer a wide range of cost-effective Relay Coordination Study services at SAS Powertech.

SASPPL has been delivering Relay Coordination Study services to its clients in India and Southeast Asia for many years. We’re known for being open about our results and providing balanced reporting. Our Relay Coordination Study services and solutions are the most cost-effective, and they have helped clients reach their goals.

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