11 Best Apps that Make Work from Home Easier and More Productive

11 best work from home apps that let you operate effectively 
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Currently, the whole world has been threatened by COVID-19. As a part of precautions, governments of different countries are declared lockdown across the nation. People have to stay in quarantine to be safe from the infection of coronavirus.

In this COVID-19 time, many industries have to stop their operations as they cannot ask employees to come to the office, visit the manufacturing plant and meet the on-site clients.

But the industries or businesses that require a computer, smartphone, and internet connectivity to perform their operations allow their employees to work from home or work remotely.

These days, many people across the globe are working from home.

Working from home is a very common scenario in countries like the United States. But, there are a large number of people who are doing work from home for the first time for such a long period of 21 days to three months.

To work smartly and perform the jobs effectively, employees need to use different technologies and software for communication, time management, workflow management, document management, password management, tracking and managing important notes and more.

Let me introduce 11 work from home apps that help you to perform your job with higher productivity by staying at your home.

11 best work from home apps that let you operate effectively 

1.   Basecamp 3

It’s a project management app that consists of plug-ins, to-do lists, email integration, message board, doc management, file storage, schedules, real-time group chat, and automatic check-in questions. As per the custom requirements of the project, users can add third-party tools like time trackers and more in the app. It is the best app for an organization and individual for managing tasks and projects seamlessly.

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Platforms: Android | iOS | Web | Windows | Mac

2.   Zoom [H3]

Zoom is an amazing platform to coordinate with your team. The platform connects the employees, coworkers, and bosses via phone calls, instant messages, video conferencing, and screen sharing. It allows to conduct a Zoom meeting with one-to-one user or a group up to 100 participants.

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For better video quality, Zoom offers camera filter functionality allows users to smooth out the skin tone on their face and present a more polished appearance in front of other participants.  

In the free version of Zoom, hosts can arrange a meeting for 40 minutes. To arrange the meeting for an unlimited time, the host needs to pay a monthly fee and all the participants can attend the meeting for free.

Platforms: Android | iOS | Web  

3.   Slack [H3]

Slack is a reliable communication platform that allows you to collaborate with your team easily and quickly. This doesn’t mean it can replace the email. Email is undoubtedly the best and widely adopted medium for communication.

With the help of Slack, you can manage projects, tasks, deadlines, and more. If we talk about the basic capabilities of the platform, then you can make calls, send messages, and share files and documents.

Slack allows you to work faster using the shortcuts as well as integrating third-party tools such as Asana, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Moreover, you can customize the keyword notification to focus on the most important aspects and ignore the least essential tasks.


Platforms: Android | iOS | Web | Windows| Mac | Linux

4.   Microsoft Teams [H3]

Microsoft Teams allows you to manage projects effectively by sharing documents with your team. You can send text and video chats to your colleagues. The platform allows you to connect with your team face to face through HD video and audio conferencing.

Moreover, Microsoft Teams enables businesses with enterprise-level compliance and security that they expect from Office 365. Due to all the advanced capabilities, Microsoft Teams is considered as the hub for teamwork.

Platforms: Android | iOS | Web

5.   Trello [H3]

Trello is a widely used work management app as it allows you to collaborate with your team and organize your tasks effectively to complete the project smoothly. It has a cardboard view here you can mention particular task-related information such as status, description, date, time, attachment, resources, more.

The software allows for integrating third-party tools or software, offline access, and built-in workflow automation to make keep your work life easier and by organizing everything in one place. 

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Platforms: Android | iOS | Web | Windows | Mac

6. Dropbox [H3]

It is a very popular and widely used software that helps users in file management, It allows you to store files, videos, and photos, in your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But all you need is internet connectivity to transfer your offline files in the Dropbox.

Well, Dropbox offers limited space for free storage, but it provides a few very advanced features that you won’t get in other file management app. One of such unique features is block synching.

When you made some corrections in your file and want to update the file in the Dropbox, the software uses a block synching feature. It only syncs the changes made rather than re-uploading the entire file. Thus, the file update process becomes faster.

Platforms: Android | iOS| Web | Windows | Mac

7. Chrome Remote Desktop [H3]

Using the chrome remote desktop, the user can access their professional computer from their personal computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. You can access all your professional data anytime and anywhere without worrying about the security risks.

Some of the advanced features of chrome remote desktop are screen sharing and remote support. Moreover, the software allows users to connect their devices with other fellow team members.

Once the connection established between you and your team members, they can access their professional computers and leverage remote support. Not only that the teammates can control their computers as well as see their respective screens.  

Platforms: Android | iOS | Web

8. Harvest [H3]

Harvest helps users to manage invoices as well as track log expenses and time on the go. It also helps you to stay in sync with the team; it enables you with the payment notifications. There are several other useful, advanced and cool features the Harvest app will provide you.

Platforms: Android | iOS | Web

9. Asana [H3]

It’s a task and project management app that helps in the seamless management of complex projects. The platform offers you everything including a workflow tool, third party integration with varied tools and software, intuitive user interface, extensive project management functions, dedicated smartphone apps, and time tracking tools.  

For the small and simple projects, you can use Trello. But for the large scale projects that have the next level of complexity in terms of tasks, it is better to go with Asana.

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Platforms: Android | iOS | Web

10.   Zapier [H3]

It is an automation tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks and save a lot of time and improve productivity. Zapier allows you to create “zaps” that automate tasks like manual uploading of files on Google drive, instant messaging, email, video conferencing, word processing, etc. It helps you to avoid continuous switching between different apps.

Zapier also exchanges the data between apps like Google Drive and Gmail. Suppose, if you receive an attachment in your Gmail account, the platform automatically uploads it in Google Drive for remote access. The tool allows you to build custom automation, integrate apps, create zaps, and automate tasks.

The platform doesn’t have an app for the mobile platform but you can use its web version in your smartphone seamlessly.

Platforms: Web

11.   Toggl [H3]

While working from home, we need to report our superior at the end of the day what we have done during the entire days. If you need to do multitasking, then it’s a challenge to track how much time you spend on a particular task.

Toggle is a time tracking app that helps you to address this challenge by tracking your day. It shows you where you spend most of your time, whether for a particular project or for internal tasks or any specific client.

The tool is specifically designed for the remote work environment. You can start a timer on your smartphone or tablet and end it on your laptop or desktop. You can use Toggle from any of your devices.

Moreover, the tool creates visual reports on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It helps you and your superior to keep an eye on the tasks performed by you, billable hours of yours and overall productivity.

Platforms: Android | iOS | Web | Windows | Mac | Linux

Final Lines [H2]

Well, I guess you have enough list of tools, apps, and software to make your work from home more productive and less stressful. You can use all or any of them to get your work done faster and effectively while sitting at home.

But, if you come across an app idea that will help employees to boost their work performance in the work from home situation, then share your idea with a mobile app development company. They will nurture your concept and build a robust app that helps the workforce across the globe to perform more tasks in less time. 


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