5 Steps to Find an Engaging Essay Topic

5 Steps to Find an Engaging Essay Topic
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5 Brilliant Ideas To Select A Compelling Topic For Your Essay

When Alice Bennett was asked to write an essay by her professor, she found herself in a dilemma over choosing the right topic. She wanted to present an impactful and compelling essay topic but didn’t know how to find a topic that would leave a lasting impression on her professor’s mind. This is a struggle that most of us have been through.

As with any other step of preparing an essay paper, selecting an appropriate topic is vital. Finding a compelling topic makes winning over your professor a whole lot easier. So, like Alice, if you have the same confusion, here are some ideas recommended by experts from essay writing service on choosing the perfect topic. 

1.Settle for a topic that seems intriguing

The reason why you should always look for an appealing essay topic is that you’ll automatically be enthusiastic about exploring it and writing about it. This way, anyone reading your essay will also be able to share your enthusiasm. The more intriguing your essay topic is, the more eager your readers/professor will be to read it further.

It’s usual for most readers to make up their mind about whether or not to read a paper just depending on how compelling the essay topic is. So, irrespective of how amazing your writing skill is, a dull topic will only discourage your professor from reading ahead.

2.Carry out brainstorming session and take notes

While brainstorming, write down a list of topics or ideas that come to your mind. These ideas don’t have to be outstanding, but it’s still useful to create a list to get your ideas flowing. Write everything you can think of, and once you’re done, assess the ideas.

Find reputable sources to use for your essay topic. If the broad idea requires you to support your claims with proper evidence and examples, you’ll have to invest some time on research.

As you research to come up with a great essay topic, take notes about ideas that interest you, and questions that need to be evaluated further. If you decide to use any of the details that you’ve found on a broad topic, note down the source of information. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of the sources easily.

3.Narrow down the focus of your topic

Rather than elaborating on a broad topic, make sure you narrow it down to something more focused and specific. For instance, instead of focusing on the impact of corona virus, you can narrow it down to its socio-economic impact on a particular country that it has affected.

Considering your essay paper will have a word limit, choosing a broad topic won’t allow you to explore it properly. When you narrow your essay topic down, you’ll be able to cover the various aspects related to the issue without compromising on the word count. So, remember to select a topic that’s specific, and something which you think will provide you with plenty of material to work with. 

For instance, if you decide to work on a topic like the socio-economic impact of coronavirus on developing countries, you will be able to cover all the aspects more easily.

4.Select a topic that answers a question or addresses an issue

The topic of your essay must address a particular issue or raise a pertinent question. This question or issue will form the basis for your thesis statement or the central argument or idea behind your topic.

For instance, if your essay is about the socio-economic crisis after the coronavirus attack, you might want to focus on the question, “What are the socio-economic concerns that come to the forefront as an aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak?”

5.Develop a proper thesis statement

Use your primary research to find the basic answer to the question or the issue that you’ve raised. This will be the main argument around which you prepare your essay paper, based on which you’ll need to carry out more rigorous research. The answer may be obvious, depending on the resources you have read.

Often there is no single right answer to a research query. Ultimately,the answer depends on your opinion and how you present what you have read and researched. Never feel apprehensive about deriving your unique conclusions.

Here’s an example of a thesis statement-

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a far-reaching impact on the socio-economic system of the country.

Parting thoughts,

Selecting a topic is a step that requires your careful consideration, and with these ideas, the step becomes absolutely simple. If you know any other tricks about how to find a great essay topic, please feel free to share those in the comments section below.

Author bio: Henry Hawkins is a visiting faculty for a renowned academic institution in Singapore. He has received his PhD in English Literature from Murdoch University. Hawkins loves writing and blogging in his free time. He is also an advisor for Assignmenthelp.com.sg and offers assignment help to students.


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