Guest Posting strategies to optimize your website

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Search engine optimization (SEO), a way to rank up your website, so it could be more visible to others. There are not just one or two ways of optimizing your website, but there are countless techniques and strategies by which you can optimize your website. Your site depends on more than 200 factors of SEO. Optimizing your website isn’t an easy task if you do it without spending any money. 

Guest Posting is the very first step of SEO. It helps you increase the rank of your website that makes your website more visible to others. In every field, you’ve got competitors, and guest posting is the best way to gain more traffic on your website without spending a penny.

How guest posting can help gain more traffic?

Guest Posting is writing an article for websites, in which with respect you put the link of your website in your article or the author’s bio. All you need is just a do-follow link from the website that has a high rank than yours.

When anyone gives you a do-follow link, it’s basically that they are referring you; they prefer your website moreover others. Many websites comprise of the same keyword, which many people look for. When any word is searched on Google, its bots show you the results of those websites that consist of more keywords searched on the search engine and websites that have a high rank.

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Getting an opportunity for writing a guest article and in exchange receiving a do-follow link without spending a single penny is not an easy task. For getting permission to write an article you have to write an attractive email. Your email shouldn’t be so short or so long, because everyone receives plenty of emails every day so just keep it to the point. Tell them how your article will be beneficial for both of you. 

Send 3 to 4 of your sample articles, because if anyone wants to see the quality of your content so they can see it there. If you are a newbie and didn’t have any article written yet so don’t worry, the medium is the best place where you can publish articles that would not only help you prepare articles for the samples but it will also help you in building a strong portfolio which will be beneficial for the future.

You might be thinking that it is unable or a hard task to publish your article on big websites. If you are looking for submitting a guest post on high rank websites this article will definitely help you; How to Land Guest Posts on Big Sites

How to do guest posting?

Visit the websites that offer guest posting, find their email address for contact. Copy that email and paste it in Google sheets. If you don’t find any email, so there should be a form that you have to fill and apply for guest posting. Make use of GMass for requesting through email. It can help you send 50 emails at a time. Mention some impressive lines in your email for example; “I am interested in contributing article at your website can I get a chance to be a contributor at your blog. Commend their articles that are already on their website. Also mention the name of the editor at the start of your email and mention the name of the website in the subject line, for instance; Guest Post Contribution for

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In a Nutshell

The editors of the website receive plenty of emails every day and they don’t have enough time to open and read every email. So if you mention the name of the website in the subject line and the name of the editor in your pitch, it looks like an attractive email and it will force the viewer to open the inbox and read your email. In the end mention that you are waiting to hear back with any comments, feedback, and suggestions. It’s difficult to approach someone especially when you want anything for free that is why you should act politely and give your best so you could receive an opportunity.

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