Different Types of Data Entry Solutions

Data Entry Solutions
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The advent of digital technologies has created the need for digitised data. Because of these technologies, we see how the entire globe is producing around 1.145 trillion megabytes every day. If you consider the statistics for the year 2021 by Statista, nearly 79 zettabytes of data were created, circulated, or collected across the world. 

The reason for producing tons of data is to feed digital systems, applications, or software. It’s a digital era where you need them. That’s why data entry has become a need of the hour. Here, it should be crystal clear that data entry refers to all types of work associated with digitising it. This can be concerned with copying and pasting, scanning & conversion

Types of Data Entry Work

  • Manual Data Entry 

Since it points to manual work, it’s obvious that it is related to manually inputting datasets. This is a fundamental practice of collecting data in your systems. 

  • PDF Data Entry

This is mainly concerned with scanning PDF documents and then, refining the structure and imperfections. 

  • Word Processor or Typist

Word processor entry is mainly concerned with specialised skills like visualising records or reports. Here, specialised skills denote technical expertise in visually presenting any report or analytics. 

  • Data Cleansing

It’s the next level of OCR or Optical Character Recognition, where imperfections like typos, inconsistencies, and other errors are fixed to make records clean and useful.  

  • Excel Data Entry 

This is connected with Excel data entry, which means filling out alphanumeric records in Excel spreadsheets. This service is really affordable in Asian countries. To outsource data entry to India, let’s say, you can negotiate the price because the providers are countless there. 

  • Online Data Entry

Online data refers to the soft version of any document or database. By soft version or copy, we mean online data or digitised version. It is categorised under online data entry services or solutions.   

  • Online Form Filling

Survey data entry or form filling is also one of these services, which mainly requires dealing with online forms. Inputting these datasets into a defined structure is a daunting task. In this domain, not any ordinary but a data entry specialist is needed who should be equally excellent at online research. 

  • Online or C-SAT Survey 

Like online form filling, an online survey refers to requesting feedback from customers for bettering the product or services.  

  • Data Capturing

However, this type of data entry is mainly useful for data mining and AI development. Even, research-based BPOs or KPOs also need this service. It is all about requesting APIs of the receiving browser for capturing web data. But, these resources for capturing can be an eBook, eMagazine, and other types of digital records.  

  • Email Processing

Although it’s directly concerned with email marketing, ultimately it’s based on processing email records. For this purpose, the email processing specialist is deployed because it may involve some technical vocabulary. A data entry specialist who has hands-on experience in reading, understanding, listing, and categorising thousands of emails a day is required. This operator should be well-versed with Excel and word (data) processing.  

  • Data Research 

By name, this type of entry work resonates with research. This work is based on digging names, phone numbers, email IDs, addresses, etc. for profiling or lead generation for various industries. But ultimately, it involves securing records in Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or Word files. 

  • Captcha Entry

A captcha represents a computer program or system that helps in differentiating the action of a human being or a machine on a digital platform. In other words, this process helps in identifying the attempts of a man and a bot. This type of work ensures recognising text, numbers, and alphanumeric data filled in fields. 

  • Copy & Paste Work

When you copy and paste the already existing online data in a separate file or spreadsheet, it’s copy-and-paste data entry work, which requires a technical understanding of online content.  

  • Captioning Entry 

This entry work is mainly useful for the media and entertainment industry. Various news channels require captioning specialists for their news and images. Here, an experienced writer or technically strong specialist can fulfill this requirement. 

  • Data Formatting

Formatting is associated with aligning content in accordance with the defined format. It does not involve a ton of typing work. But, a technically strong expert can fully justify this role. Here, a technically strong expert is one who is grammatically strong. 

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There is another aspect of this technical expertise, which is to be strong in aligning content as per paragraphs, indentation, and verifying fonts together with details, etc. 

  • Data Conversion   

Conversion here means transforming the data into a requisite format. It can be the transformation of an image or audio file into a word document.   

  • Converting Files

This type of data entry service involves converting images or audio files into a Word document. The request can be related to image into text and audio to text.

  • Transcription 

This is a bit more challenging because the content is available in an audio form. Mainly, conferences, events, or audio reports are converted into digitised documents. Here, technical skills with accuracy are important with good typing speed. Medical and legal firms mostly require these transcription services.   

  • Medical Coding/Billing

This type of data entry work is sought after by health insurance companies. Verification of medical bills, creating healthcare diagnosis, procedures, and medical code updates are the topmost tasks that are categorised under medical billing daat entry. 

  • Product Catalog Data Entry

The eCommerce industry mainly requests inputting product catalog data. Under this category, product specifications are put in a specific format. In this domain, speed and accuracy are key requirements. 

  • Content Writing & Proofreading 

This is not actually data entry but involves writing articles, emails, blogs, and other pieces of writing for marketing campaigns. Proofreading is again not directly connected with it. But, it is concerned with fixing grammatical and paraphasing errors. 

These are various types of data entry solutions and services, which are in demand. 

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There are multiple types of data entry solutions and services. Manual data entry, online data entry, product, catalog data entry, transcription and many other types of data entry work is there. Data cleansing, conversion, proofreading, and content writing are also its type, but these works require creativity and technical expertise. 

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