What is an anchor text?

What is an anchor text
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Hello friends, it is a pleasure once again that my words reach this blog and especially to your computers, laptops or cell phones from where they read and follow us.

This time we will talk about a very important topic in digital marketing , it is the link or hyperlink that accompanies your guideline or your content. The intention is to direct our audience to the search engines, here comes Google, but we will talk about this later, first let’s define the name of this action and its functionality.

Anchor text or Anchor text

This link or hyperlink is known as “anchor text” or in Spanish the “anchor text”, its translation helps us understand its function, since that is what it is, to anchor content or information so that the reader can move to another final destination, where you can finish reading the information or complete a purchase action.

I like its name in Spanish better, so during the article I will continue to call it anchor text, and its purpose is to use it when inserting a link, or rather, the text that you can read above a hyperlink.

The correct words will make a correct link

The use of the correct words in your anchor text will define the user’s attraction and surely their click. Let’s start from the thought that the keywords that are above your link, have to generate general information for the user, so you can read the attached words and know where you will be redirected when you click on it.

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Ways to make anchor text

We are going to simulate an example with a brand that we are going to invent that will be called “Soccer Country”: a virtual clothing store for soccer lovers.

  1. Anchor text with url to the site: its main feature is that it embeds the brand name within the site, for the store it would be; www.paisfutbol.com
  2. Anchor text with the name: Its characteristic is to carry a name, most of the times it is the name of the brand or the company that owns the website. Soccer country.
  3. Anchor text with keyword: Its characteristic is that it has a keyword that is the word with which you want to position yourself in SEO. Many brands often use the company name. For the store it would be like this. Soccer country Uruguay.
  4. Generic anchor text: That is, the anchor text is a generic one, which does not say anything about your brand, only invites one action; for example, “click here” or “enter here” are typical of this way of doing it.

We do not believe that one is more efficient than the other, but we do believe that all forms should be tested in similar percentages.

The importance of anchor text for SEO

The importance lies in that google search engines see it as one of the most important factors when identifying the theme of the website, since it is through the anchor text, that other websites that want to link us will identify our theme, facilitating your search, that is why it is of utmost importance to choose the correct words that have the anchor or anchor text, because those words will position us.

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In a well-defined and SEO-based strategy, one of the best decisions is to use anchor texts, different or varied and that look natural in the links.

The naturalness of the link

As you well know, Google has its rules . It has them for guidelines, for search engines, for keywords and it has them for anchor text, so you should always look for your link to be as natural as possible.

Next, we will give you some tips so you know how to use it. Keep in mind that external linking of a page is one of the key factors of SEO positioning .

Link your texts anchor to specific pages or websites, do not do it directly to the home

of your site because the user can get lost in navigation and not specify any

action. In this way you will give strength to your specific link improving the experience of

each user.

  • Do not abuse the keywords, but google will detect and punish them.
  • Generate value in each text of each link.
  • Try to change your keywords for each anchor text, always keep in mind what google thinks, since if you do not use the same words it could be considered as invasive advertising, here we recommend using a generic text.

For 2 reasons we do not recommend creating too long anchor texts. One because search engines may not give it the necessary relevance, and two, because they don’t look good aesthetically.

Now you know what an anchor text is, its importance and relevance for SEO and the different ways to create one.

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Now optimize and be relevant to your target audiences!


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