7 SEO tips for a new website

SEO tips 2020
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The appropriate time to think about SEO is when you start your website. By doing this, you can get aware of all the things right at the start and get yourself away from facing any sort of trouble later.

This guide will tell you about 7 SEO tips that are important for opening a new website.

1.Select the Domain Name cautiously:

Domain names are generally one factor that helps you achieve a rank in a search engine. This figures out what your page is all about. Therefore, if it is feasible to select such a domain name that is relevant to your business, that is perfect. The domain name should integrate the chief keywords that you desire to rank for.

However, you should not force a domain name. If your business is Sandra’s Pastries, and a domain like www.sandraspastries.com is available, pick that instead of www.breadsugarbuttercakes.com.

Customers get confused by the domain, and it is not easy to remember as well. If you don’t have any such domain name, choose something that relates to your business.

2.Go for a Respected Web Hosting Provider.

Google has been quite blunt by stating that site speed is an important ranking factor for any SEO. Most of the time, visitors become or are impatient. They expect the web pages to load within moments after they click on it. This is why Google delivers such results that please their desires and requirements.

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You may have a plethora of strategies to make your site faster and responsive. One step that you can adopt from Day 1 is to choose a web hosting provider. This provides consistent and excellent speeds.

3.Pick out the Primary Keywords for individual pages:

Picking out primary keywords for each page is another SEO tip. All the SEO companies agree to this too. The beginning of your keyword research can help you gain a complete picture of which language you want to use while building your website. With this, you must select a target keyword for each of the pages on your website.

To avoid competition, select the unique ones. Go for keywords that are not used by any other page.

4. Enhance the title Tags:

A title tag is basically a section of a website that Google looks at. By reading, Google understands what a particular page is all about. This gives it a space to make the best spot for using a target keyword.

Always keep the title tag short and brief. Google displays only 50-60 characters on the search result page. Also, do not keyword stuff it. Making use of the primary keyword once will do the job.

5.Enhance the Images:

Each image that you insert in your Web page delivers additional opportunities for the optimization of your page. While you name the images for search engine optimization, make sure you include the keyword that you are focusing on.

For example, (primarymainkeyword.jpg). With this, update the alt text on the webpage with your keyword.

6.Work on creating a flexible and Mobile-Friendly design: 

A few years ago, visitors generally paid a visit to your website by a PC. The majority now do it by smartphone.

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This is where you need to work on. You need to design your website so that it aims to provide a similar experience on mobile and PCs.

This further means designing a responsive and flexible, user-friendly website with big buttons for the visitors to tap on them on their mobile phones.

When your website becomes responsive, Google shows your website on the search results in no time. People will trust your website.

7.Offer Your Sitemap to Google:

Google needs to creep on your website before it allows your website to show up on the search results.

Generally, Google’s crawlers make their way to your site over a while if you do not do anything. However, you can speed the process by submitting the sitemap through the Google search console.

By this, you converse with Google by stating that a website exists and these are certain pages that it has.

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