Pigment Green 7: A Color To Watch Out For

Pigment Green 7
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What are Pigment Green 7?

Pigment Green 7, or Green S, is one of the most famous and popular green pigments on the market today. This colourant has been used in everything from plastics to inks, but it’s perhaps best known as an additive in food products, including candies and beverages like soft drinks and sports drinks. It also appears in medicines and cosmetics.

Understanding pigment green 7

Pigment Green 7 (PG7) is one of those pigments that people don’t think about too often; there are so many other choices, after all. However, when you get down to looking at it and comparing pigment green 7 to some of its counterparts, it does start to stand out from several different perspectives. For example, let’s take a look at what Pigment Green 7 is made out of: PG7 is a pigment that uses indium tin oxide as its main colouring agent.

Why is it used in paint?

Pigment Green 7 is used in paint for its tinting strength, which means that it keeps colour consistent over time. It’s a mixture of phthalocyanine blue and iron oxide, which forms crystal on the surface when exposed to light or water. As the pigment is a chemical compound, it mixes well with other pigments and can blend with Titanium dioxide to form white paint.

Uses of pigments

A pigment is a material that changes light or other electromagnetic radiation (e.g., sunlight) into a different wavelength. This process is called absorption, whereas its complementary process is the transmission.[1] A pigment colour consists of several pigment molecules (called chromophores) that can independently absorb certain wavelengths of light. Human vision perceives these wavelengths as distinct colours because pigments selectively absorb photons from a specific range of colours. As in optics, where refraction disperses a beam of light into its constituent wavelengths, it can be difficult to separate a mixture of pigments from white light. Many physical and chemical properties are closely related to the optical characteristics of pigments.

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Properties of pigments

Most pigments, except for carbon black, are insoluble in water and organic solvents. They serve as very good colouring agents in both oil and water media. The lightfastness of pigments varies from class to class. The colour strength of a pigment is expressed in terms of tinting strength or opacity (as in art), or covering power (as in industrial paint). Good coverage properties usually imply more tinting strength and opacity than an equally rated lower covering power pigment.

Industrial uses of pigments

The current market offers two types of pigments: those obtained from a mineral source and those extracted from plants. The latter is preferred because, unlike artificial pigments, they provide better stability to light and atmospheric agents. This type of pigment is biodegradable and contains no heavy metals that can lead to human toxicity or environmental pollution. Examples of Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer obtained from vegetable sources include phthalocyanine green, chlorophylls, bixin, capsanthin/capsorubin, norbixin/norheptoxanthin and xanthophylls (diglycatechin gallate).

Green pigments from plant origin

Phthalocyanine pigments have brilliant colour, good stability and resistance to most chemicals. The chief sources of phthalocyanine pigments include blue and green copper-phthalocyanine pigments. These green pigments come in powder form, which is made by binding pure copper-phthalocyanine with a binder such as a resin, synthetic polymer or animal protein. As a result of their excellent covering power and resistance to light-induced fading, these pigments are widely used in automotive paints, architectural coatings and plastic/rubber composites such as flooring.

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