10 beautiful maternity gowns to gift in this baby shower

10 beautiful maternity gowns to gift in this baby shower
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What makes the maternity gowns so popular among the women?

To protect the baby bump with great care, several kinds of maternity gowns are designed that give a stylish look. Pregnancy is an important and memorable phase not only for the woman but for the entire family. During this entire nine months, women feel great discomfort walking to a social occasion because they have to keep themselves always alert about the baby bump. Hence they now tend to wear loose airy outfits that look fashionable as well as have good workability.

When they are at home, they mainly prefer wearing a loose top and nursing pyjamas. But when it comes to party wear or a formal function, they are confused. The normal dresses they used to wear are useless now. One thing that can try at best is a maternity gown. Most of the fashion experts are now working hard so that the maternity gowns can also be included in the list of trendy outfits. Having sober colours and simple designs, the gowns are highly appreciated in the society of future mothers. Most of the online and offline stores are getting huge sales in this clothing zone. Some of the cool maternity gowns that pregnant women are wearing nowadays in parties and functions are discussed below:

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1. Blue Flowery Designed Maternity Gown:

It is designed in the form of a long maxi with printed floral patterns. It has got stretchable fibre material. The neck is V-shaped. The waistline has got a satin belt. A piece of pearl jewellery may be complemented with the dress.

2. Long Maternity Wedding Gown:

A gown having a full sleeve and scoop neck gives a soothing appearance of the individual. The vintage white outlook is easily reflected through this piece of clothing.

3. Lace Maternity Evening Gown:

This maternity gown is designed in the shape of the bottleneck. It gives an aesthetic look to the entire dress. It can be worn in any formal or special occasion.

4. Pink one Shoulder Maternity Gown:

The skinny ladies will be looking best wearing it. During movement and locomotion, the easily stretchable material will make the person feel comfortable with the baby bump.

5. Sexy Maternity Front Open Gown:

The open gown is made with a view so that enough ventilation is provisioned. Chiffon is used as clothing material. The dress can be worn by a lady of any body shape and structure. The baby bump will be beautifully carried.

6. Black and Silver Maternity Gown:

The attractive gown has been lined with lace as an external design material. The inner space is stitched with satin.

7. Net Type Maternity Gown:

It is a formal outfit that makes a good option for an office party. The entire piece of cloth is made up of nylon and spandex. The internal clothing is lined with polyester. The gown is stretchable. The neck is V-shaped. The backside has got a zip hidden under the clothing.

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8. Beautifully Knit Black Maternity Gown:

The sleeve here is 3/4th. The neck is cut in the form of front tie scoop-like. It is a good option for those who prefer to wear black at any occasion. There are many trendy features stitched in the gown that makes the piece a progressive one.

9. Cold Shoulder Maternity Gown:

Stretchable cotton is the primary textile component of this fashionable gown. The sleeve is long and a crew neck is provided.
10. White Flowery Maternity Gown: There are a lot of variations in the white flowery textures. Polyester, viscose or elastin is the threading material. The back of the gown is open with a zip provision. It looks great during a daylight occasion most precisely.


When it comes to pregnancy, women don’t feel comfortable on ordinary clothes because they look odd in them. Hence they stop focusing on the fashion statement. But nowadays, the fashion industry has done so much improvisation in the textile sector that they are designing maternity dresses separately. Now women can enjoy the baby shower ceremony or any other social occasion with stylish and trendy outfits that will make them attractive as before. With a light makeup and a jewellery set, they are now ready to participate in any social occasion and pose for the Instagram and Facebook posts.

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