Why Is A BYOD Security Solution Important For Your Business?

byod security solution
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Many workplaces have already embraced the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. However, they need to ensure that they have an effective BYOD security solution implemented. The advantage of BYOD is that staff can use their own personal devices such as their laptops, tablets and mobile phones for work purposes. The disadvantage is that unfortunately this can leave a business’s IT network open and unsecure to many security threats. 

An unsecured network

Without secure BYOD solutions in place, devices such as Apple and Android smartphones, all using different operating systems, that are connected to the network are left wide-open to a cyberattack. It could be getting a malware infection that spreads through the entire IT network and infects every device that is connected or a security breach that results in costly damage. It can also include the corruption or theft of sensitive and valuable company data, a device being lost resulting in lost data, and more. 

A helping hand

Reaching out to an IT managed service will give your business access to an expert team of IT specialists who will conduct an assessment of your business’s IT network. They can detect and identify any potential security issues they will come across. They can also design, plan and implement a range of effective BYOD solutions.  This can include integrating platforms that give you the control over who can connect to the company network, who can access information and also the level of access they can be granted. 

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Having your back

When you work with an experienced IT managed service, they work closely with you to understand what your business’s objectives, goals and needs are. This allows them to create a personalised BYOD security solution that is exactly what your business needs. This can include various tools and services such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Before data gets transmitted through the network, a VPN will encrypt the data to prevent any risk of private and sensitive data being leaked. 

This is very important for businesses that are currently operating with unsecured and open networks to transmit their sensitive company data. Not only will a VPN ensure that all data is protected but it also will protect all connected devices from threats such as malware, viruses and hackers. 

The next steps

There are a few simple steps that you can do to try and minimise the risk of a security breach such as a blacklist. This involves creating a list of unsafe applications that staff are not allowed to use or install over the network such as Wickr Private Messenger, Facebook Messenger and other social networking apps. 

Ensure all your applications and software are up-to-date. Updates and software patches are released to address and fix any security vulnerabilities. Also ensure that all your data is securely backed up. An experienced IT managed service will ensure this is done effectively with various cloud technologies and off-site storage options. 

Make sure that your business’s network and IT infrastructure is fully protected and secure. To discover effective BYOD solutions tailored to your business, search online for an IT managed service today. 

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