How long does it take to become a UX designer?

UX designer
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User Experience, commonly known as UX, is an interaction or experience users have with everyday products and services. As businesses are making their presence online, the demand for UX designers is soaring. But it requires an immense understanding of the area to become a successful UX designer. However, interested aspirants can learn UX designer skills in only one year just by opting for UX designer course in Canada. Let us understand about the course in more detail. 

All about UX designer course

UX designer is a one-year post-secondary diploma program that will equip aspirants with the technical skills required to become designers or developers. The course will help aspirants design and develop user interfaces for various platforms, such as websites, mobile applications and other data-driven information systems. The course trains aspirants to measure and optimize web-based applications to improve usability. The course prepares aspirants to explore several approaches to solve the problems of users.

That’s not all. The UX designer course equips aspirants with the skills needed to tackle complex technical challenges. The course also familiarises students with design, usability, function, advertising and marketing. The aspirants are also taught to identify new business opportunities for products. Students learn to perform research, wireframing, prototyping, visual communication, and information architecture during the program.

Demand for UX designers in 2021

At present, there is a massive demand for UX designers across the world. According to an employment-oriented online service LinkedIn, UX design is one of the top five in-demand skills and is projected to continue in 2021 as well. That’s not all. It is also expected that UX design will remain in the most in-demand skills in coming years to maintain top positions in Google ranking. 

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A product designing hiring report published by InVision states that 70 percent of the employers have increased the number of UX designers in their design team to gain an edge over competitors. The jobs of UX designers are expected to increase by 22 percent over the ten years as technology continues to evolve, the report suggests.

What are the career opportunities after the UX designer course?

There are several IT roles in which ambitious professionals can make their careers. Let us take a quick look at a range of different roles in the IT sector.

  1. Software Testing Engineer
  2. Software System Integration Engineer
  3. Computer Software Engineer
  4. Application Architect
  5. Software Technical Architect
  6. UX Developer Analyst

Do UX designers are paid well?

As UX design is one of the most in-demand skills, businesses usually pay a hefty salary to UX designers worldwide. According to the employer review site Glassdoor, the average salary of a UX designer in the US is USD 90,697. In today’s competitive business environment, companies cannot deny the importance of UX designers in software or platform development, resulting in high salary packages for designers.

If you are keen on pursuing the UX designer course, consider seeking it from Canada for a better learning experience.

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